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Formed in 1950, the National Photographic Art Society serves the photographic community in Sri Lanka in an extraordinary manner. A brainchild of the Late Mr. Wilson Hegoda, the Society initially catered for the Sinhala speaking photographer community, and later initiated photography classes not only to its members, but also to the students from schools across the country, free; as a community project and then leading on to a recognized Diploma.

The NPAS is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique (FIAP); recognized as the world body for photography and the NPAS acts as its authorized representative, besides also being affiliated as a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and qualifies members in the award of Associateships and Fellowships.

The society, while being recognized as a non profitable entity by the Government, is a registered body as a Limited Liability company and is administered by a board of directors and is presently actively involved in the conduct of educational and community related programs such as regular classes, workshops, seminars and excursions. The Annual International Exhibition is a highlight of the society and attracts photographic creations from all over the world, in addition to the hundreds of characteristic photographic creations from the Sri Lankan photographers.

Diploma in Photography


The three years course in photography is conducted by the National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka (NPASSL) for free of charge for the members of the society. The course is conducted by NPASSL for more than 5 decades.

The ‘Certificate in Photography' is awarded for the members who complete each written and practical examination in the first year and second year successfully. The members who pass the written and practical examinations in each year of three years' course are qualified for the 'Diploma in Photography'.



Three Years




Date & Time


From 1.30pm to 4.30pm in Every Sunday



Mahabodhi College, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka


Any Sri Lankan citizen more than 15 years old
Any member of NPASSL


Any member of NPASSL can follow the course of Diploma in Photography and need 60% attendance for the academic sessions in each year to sit for the year-end examination.

The external candidates can apply only for the first-year examination and need the membership of NPASSL to follow the second and third academic years.


To enrol for the course of Diploma in Photography as a member:

The membership form published in NPASSL website should be filled and submitted for the Registrar of NPASSL before the deadline of applicationsof membership and the candidate is called for an interview before granting the membership.

To enrol for the first-year examination as an external candidate:

The application of examination published on NPASSL website should be filled and submitted for the Registrar of NPASSL according to the instructions sheet. The deadline of applications of examination is set for a date of December in each year. The admission of examination is received by post.


  • Theoretical sessions scheduled for three-year syllabus
  • Four annual practical sessions in four identified places in Sri Lanka
  • Monthly photographic competitions among the members who follow the Diploma in Photography


  • Annual Lighting workshop
  • Other Field visits, annual trip etc. are organized by NPASSL for the members


  • Photo Journalism
  • Freelance Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Wedding Photography etc.

Examination of Photography for Schools


The Annual Examination of Photography for schools is conducted by National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka (NPASSL) for the school students who have an interest in photography.

The students who pass the written examination are awarded by the National Examination of Photography for School Students and eligible for the practical examination. The students who pass both examinations will be qualified to enrol for the second year of Diploma in Photography conducted by NPASSL for the members.


Any student who follows photography in school
The members of the Photographic clubs in school


The school photographic club can be nominated by sending a letter to Registrar of NPASSL enclosed with the signature of the principal.


The student should fill the application which is published in the website of NPAS enclosed with the signatures of teacher-in-charge of the Photographic club and the Principal of the school.

The application is published in October / November in the NPASSL web site.

For any Queries,



Director Registrar



+94 71 396 3030